Wednesday, September 12, 2007

New gigs and no sleep

It's 2 a.m. ( yes, my blogging time stamp is WAY off and so not on my list of priorities right now...) and I am just now finishing up a day that started at 11 a.m. with a meeting at Metro Parent Magazine.
I'm exhausted, (and still poor) but happy and satisfied with a very long and stressful day's work. A few highlights include my new gig as a featured blogger for the Metro Parent site. I can't wait for that to get up and running. (I think I start next week!)
I have been freelancing for them off and one for about a year now, but now that I am a solo-act, I will be expanding my role with the magazine with more bylined articles, product reviews, first-person essays and other pulitzer-prize winning material.
(It's not polite to laugh, you know...)
So how did I manage today's marathon work session with a 13-week baby at home? Well, short of putting her in the closet, I seriously have to thank my mom and my sister for bailing me out of the hell I like to call "What Do I Do With My Baby And This Deadline?"
Buttercup slept over at her grandma's last night, which allowed me to cover a meeting for a story and make it to today's well-worth-it schmooze session. I then headed to my mom's, picked her up with Buttercup in tow, and made it back to my house where I then proceeded to work and my mother handled the baby.
It worked out great and when I finally dropped my mom off at home after 9 p.m., I left with my 25-year-old sister (gotta love the weekend-only work schedule she has right now) who is currently sleeping on my sofa-bed so she can Buttercup-watch in the morning when I am on an early phone interview.
So the lesson for the day is this: Go back in time and make your parents have lots of siblings for you. They make great free baby-sitters. I plan to kidnap my other sister for tomorrow night. I have four, you know, so I might be able to make this work for a while before they actually start to get pissed off.
If you are an only child or your many siblings are either too far away or too successful to care about your deadlines and diapers predicament, I'd suggest divorcing the current Mr. Right just long enough to hook up with a rich guy, get "accustomed to THE LIFESTYLE", and then have him find out you are having an affair with your baby daddy....he'll naturally want a divorce, you'll get half his money, get back together with your current Mr. Right and live happily-ever-after.
And then it doesn't really matter if you made that last deadline, will it?
Second lesson of the day: I'm a total smart-ass, especially when I am sleep-deprived. So that leads me to believe that Buttercup's childhood should prove to be an extraordinarily knee-slappin' experience for all involved.

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