Wednesday, September 26, 2007

So, so poor

It's been about a month now since I left my full-time job to be a stay-at-work, freelancing momma. So far, I haven't fallen on my face.
Good, Pauline...good.
But I haven't found that "overnight" success story that all of Hollywood seems to thrive on. No matter, things are lookin' up.
Let's forget that fact that I've done about $1,200 worth of freelance work in my first month and let us please just soar right past the point that my bank account has not seen a freaking penny of it yet, shall we? (I'm hoping next month sucks less.)
Instead, let us focus on the fact that I have done $1,200 worth of work in my first month!
Things are getting kind of cool around here. I'm now reviewing baby, mom and kid products for Metro Parent for a new online column called Five Fabulous Finds, which debuts Oct. 5.
So far, Buttercup has tried Fuzzi Bunz, Baby Banz, a PrissyPoof, a pacifier and nail clipper from aristabrat, and she's seen a movie made for her by MeMovies. Check the Metro Parent site next month to see what Buttercup and I thought.
I'm applying for any and all freelance spots for which I feel I am qualified. I (knock on wood) have met or exceeded every deadline expectation to date and I -- and I am so proud of this after two years of being told that I was an idiot in the workplace -- actually remembered how to WRITE! 'Cuz wow---was I RUSTY when I first got going.
But when you've got a deadline staring at you in the face, it kind of spurs on that inner muse. And when I say "deadline," I mean the length of time Buttercup will allow me when she paying bosses are so much more generous.

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