Thursday, October 11, 2007

A cool perk; awesome gift for new dads

One of the perks of being a writer is getting to meet and talk to some incredible people that I otherwise would never ever have the chance of knowing.
A recent plus in my little book of awesome contacts is Alli Grosberg, an artsy stay-at-work Canadian mommy who makes some incredible hand-cast, hand-stamped, and hand-cut sterling silver jewelry. One of her neatest creations is her hand cut bar necklace, which would make a great Christmas gift for a new dad. (Or keep it for yourself! I did. Hee hee.)
Alli's stuff is original, sophisticated, and fun to wear and especially fun to mix and match with her selection of a la carte charms. Log on to Alli's Originals and get a head start on that Christmas shopping!
Also, please check out Alli's blog and learn about her search for her birth mother.
Have a good one, all. I need to get an assignment done for a deadline tomorrow. I'll check in later.

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