Thursday, March 27, 2008

Am I really working?

Sometimes, I feel like a real, bona-fide freelance writer.
I have bylines on web sites like Baby Gooroo and Metro Parent. I have written for The Detroit Free Press and am a regular contributing writer to local parenting publications.
I get pay checks-REAL ONES!-in the mail! And I even had to claim my income (Wow) for taxes.
Sounds real enough, right?
But then I start to think that my days in PJ's, playing with Buttercup until she is ready for a nap, and then hastily pounding out a blog post (one I get paid for, by the way), is not really an actual career.
I mean, it is, and I know there are plenty of people out there making some seriously good money doing this type of thing; but I also know that if it wasn't for Mr. L's income and health insurance, I'd be living in a box with my laptop, or at the very least, in my mother's basement.
I'll be totally honest in saying that my income is closer to a part-time contribution at this point, as opposed to a full-timer's bragging rights.
So when I feel like I don't have a job (and this is often since I spend more than my fair share of time changing diapers and cleaning bottles then I do marketing myself for new clients), I hop online and read other freelancer's musings.
Here is one balanced blog called The Cornered Office on the ins and outs of freelancing that I plan to visit again.

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