Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The dangers of being a WAHM


For those of you not in-the-know...WAHM stands for Work at Home Mom. That would be me, and anyone else who tries to make a living with their baby cradled on one hip while they try to get their work done with their free hand.

And just for clarification, being a WAHM is not as easy as it sounds. Sure, I get to work in my PJ's and my idea of a long commute is having to crawl out of bed and walk 10 feet to my home office, but there are serious drawbacks.

Among them are the fact that work and home life are and never will be separate and that you really can't get much done with a wide awake baby who is desperately trying to put anything not nailed to the floor into her mouth.

Also a biggie would be almost burning the house down while trying to cook some long grain rice.

What can I say? I was "in the writing zone" and didn't come out of it until I noticed the smoky stench coming from the kitchen.

On the positive side, I finished my work before I rushed to the kitchen to dump the nearly flaming rice into a sink full of cold water.

And the takeout for dinner that night was wonderful, in case you are wondering.


sara said...

That is way too funny...well at least you have an excuse. I set off the smoke alarm every now an then when I'm cooking and I don't even work at home. But I guess better to burn things at home than the hospital :-)

Pauline said...

what are you talking about? At the hospital there is someone already there to take care of you if you really mess up! At home, I'd have to wait for the baby to wake up from a nap to get myself out of the house, LOL.