Thursday, March 20, 2008

Fire men and growing babies

Almost done with one story. Thank God.
Then I can crank out the second one tomorrow before I wait for the lull between the Crazy Deadline Storm that comes with freelancing.
Feast or famine!

Interesting day today.
First I took Buttercup for her 9-month check-up. She is "perfect" (pediatrician's words, not mine. But I happen to agree.)
Stats: 20 pounds (75th percentile)
28.5 inches long (75-90th percentile)
17 inch head (50th percentile)
Then we went to Kmart to get some stuff, and then got stuck in the parking lot waiting for the Fire Department to show up because I couldn't get the car seat strap to tighten-it was totally stuck. Turns out it was an easy fix, and the car seat expert guy showed me how to address the issue, should it arise again.
(And yes, I feel like an idiot.)

Oh well. Live and learn.

And the award for Best First-Time Mom of the Year Moment goes to me, of course.
After our little car seat adventure ate up an hour of our time (and made Buttercup late for her own nap),she was a tired little Diva when we got home.
I got her out of the car seat, into the house, and into her crib without even a peep.
And then what did I do? Yep, I tried taking off her winter jacket.
(You can point and laugh now.)
Granted, she only fussed for about a minute when I got it off and covered her up, but a veteran mommy friend of mine thinks it is hilarious that it didn't occur to me to leave the jacket on, like most experiences mommies would do.
Again, live and learn.

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