Monday, March 31, 2008

It's getting hot in here...

I finally got off my flabby-Mommy boo-tay and got some new posts on Baby Gooroo. Check them out here, here, and here.
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I'd be working on another post as we speak, but...

Buttercup has her first temperature. Not exactly a milestone I was eager to reach, and I suppose we are lucky to have gone almost 10 months without one so far.
Poor little princess has a 100.1 temp.
The really bad thing is that I thought she felt warm earlier in the day, but since every time since she has been born, I have been wrong when I thought she needed her temp taken. So naturally, after about 10 months of over-reacting, I thought I was just over-reacting.
She's been out and about, today, too, with a trip the the in-laws. Major oops on my part. (But the mother-in-law didn't catch it either, so I don't feel too bad...)
Even when Mr. L told me to get the thermometer this evening, I figured it would be another 98.7 reading. Boy, was I wrong. Not sure if it is a result of teething or if she is coming down with something.
Either way, she's sleeping right now as I do a few quick bits of cleaning in the house. No work tonight so I can rest up and make sure I don't catch anything she may have (right...), and be ready to take care of her should she need me tonight.
(I was going to post about my medical cluster-bleep of a postpartum experience thus far, but I'll save that for when Buttercup is napping tomorrow.)


sara said...

Aww..I hope the little buttercup cutie is feeling better...I'll have to check out some of you links too. I'll try to call you later, okay?

Anonymous said...

Oh poor Buttercup....poor you!
Listen give her a lukewarm bath and I assure you that befor you take her out of there her fever will be gone. Trust me, I have 3 children, been there, done that.LOL
I love reading your blog...the first thing I do in the mornings (after dropping girls off in school is check my e-mail and check :Diaper and Deadlines:
Keep up the great work in raising Buttercup, and I'll pipe in once in a while to give you a know from a veteran!!!