Sunday, March 16, 2008

The holiday rush

Yeah, so I have two assignments due on March 21 that I had been hoping to have done by TOMORROW that I haven't even finished interviews for yet.
Looks like my relaxing week of hectic and frenzied cleaning and shopping (see below) just got a whole lot crazier.

The husband and I spent a good portion of today trying to clean the obstacle course that is our home in preparation for Easter Sunday. It does not help that we have been over run with baby toys and gizmos and gadgets galore.
I am not exaggerating when I say that our basement is probably a fire hazard right now with the amount of crap that has to be stepped over in order to move from one spot to another. And that is bad, really bad, when said basement is finished and used regularly as a second living room.
And yet somehow, someway, we must get out house in presentable shape so both sides of the family can spend the day playing a (hopefully) friendly game of "Pass the Baby."
We don't even bother trying to fool ourselves into thinking that everyone wants to come to our house to see US...nope.
It's all about Princess Buttercup. We just get to partake in the basking of baby adoration since we happen to live in the same house.

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