Thursday, April 3, 2008

Cool contest on Seven Dogs and A Baby

I was going back and forth about posting a link to the very cool contest on Seven Dogs & A Baby, if only for the very fact that I'd be limiting my own chances of winning! But alas, it would not be fair of me to keep this information to myself. (Although I was highly tempted.)
For those of you who think sock monkeys are adorable, this one's for you. Seven Dogs & A Baby has a contest running for a very cute sock monkey inspired onsie (size 12-18 months) from Sycamore Baby. Guess I need to check out the Etsy site a little more often for some very original ideas!
The contest on Seven Dogs & A Baby ends April 9th at midnight. Good luck!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info, if I win I have a friend that I think would love it !!

katy said...

thanks for the post! Very cool of you. Glad you like the onesie. There is something so universal about sock monkeys.

Pauline said...

Michelle-who would that be?? *wink, wink*
and Katy, welcome! No problem for the post! email me if you see this at!

sara said...

If I still have good news on Tues...I'll have to strange is that? I still don't believe it.