Wednesday, April 2, 2008

It figures...

If it could be pronounced in Spanish without being butchered, I would have chosen "Murphy" (as in Murphy's Law) for Buttercup's legal name.
Why, you ask so innocently?
*Blink, blink*????
Yeah, so I haul my sleepy butt out of bed, get dressed in whatever I can find in less than five minutes, and comb my rat's nest into a seemingly acceptable bun, scarf down an apple and get Buttercup to the pediatician's office. They wanted her in due to a history of ear-infections with abosultely no signs from Buttercup that she was in pain.
Okay, so not that I was hoping for an ear-infection or for my baby to be in any actual pain, but the little brat didn't even have a temperature when I got her into the office! (Her one ear is slightly pink inside, but not an ear infection.) Way to make me look like the New Mom who brings baby to the doctor for Every Little Thing!
So while I am about to fall asleep on my feet after three and a half hours of sleep, my sweet little Buttercup is fast alseep in her crib, taking a very peaceul nap.
Mommy is happy she is okay, but oh so jealous about the napping thing.

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Anonymous said...

Better safe than sorry
In the past 8 days my son has seen his doctor 3 times and been to the hospital twice for testing
A fever can be serious and sometimes getting antibiotics right away can be a big difference.
There is nothing like a little peace of mind hearing everything will be okay.