Thursday, April 10, 2008

New work and my ever-changing mind

So for the two of you who read my blog regularly, I am sure you are noticing that I can't decide on an actual format. Sure, I know my topic: scatter-brained, freelancing WAHM mom. No problem there.
But do I combine work and family life in one post if separated by a Deadlines or Diaper heading? Or should I just do as I have for the past week and try to keep topics to their own posts?
We shall see.
For now though, please check out my newest posts at Baby Gooroo, where I am forced to make sense, for tips on how to evaulate online resources and new research on lifelong health issues that follow premature babies.

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sara said...

I like both formats. Gee I'm a bad decision maker! Hey I absolutely loved your article about evaluating internet sites. That was truly helpful, and it was written in a format that was super easy to read :-)