Thursday, April 24, 2008

You say "overkill", we say "Bring on the pinata!"

Think the baby will notice the 100 people being invited to her party?
Okay, so maybe 100 is over exaggerating by a smidge. But it's just a smidge.
Okay, okay....a Mexican smidge.
I haven't gotten the guest list done yet, but Princess Buttercup is looking

forward to receiving her loyal court of everybody in the world at her first birthday party in June.
And no, we can only fit, well, not that many people, in our house. So we are renting a party room at Total Sports Complex (think bowling, pool, and arcades in the lower level!) and letting the unlimited pizza, pop, and salad flow while we figure out where to hang the pinata.
I can't believe she's gonna be one! ('cuz the baby fat on my butt was supposed to be gone by, well, six month ago!) I have to get going on finding some cute invites, getting her a special birthday outfit, and ordering a gluten-free birthday cake for her to destroy (and one for daddy, too!).
I'm looking forward to it, but does wrapping up the receipt for birthday party expenses and handing it to baby all wrapped and pretty count as a first birthday present worth remembering?

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sara said...

Ohhh you should definitely have a pinata all for me! I never get to go to parties with one of those anymore! And no I don't think it's overkill, I'm sure we'll be doing the same. And yes, I can't frigen believe she's going to be a year already!