Tuesday, April 29, 2008

What the hell do I do with all of these bottles?

Yay for being heard! According to Moms Rising, Toys R' Us, Babies R' Us, and CVS all have announced that they will stop selling BPA-containing bottles, and Playtex has promised to phase the nasty chemical out by year's end.
Thanks again to my friend Molly for keeping me posted. Please take the time to read her comments to this post as they contain some great reference information on this important topic.
That is fantastic news. But what the hell do I do with the BPA in Buttercup's bottles? I had been planning to phase her off the bottle slowly, and hoped to have her mostly on the sippy by her first birthday, but I may have to alter my plans.
I can either 1) cut her off the bottle cold turkey and stick to the BPA free sippys I have found or 2) run out and buy a few BPA free bottles to make it through the weaning process.
I won't say which brand of BPA containing bottles I own, but it is one of the five leading bottle manufacturers.
Anyway, Mom's Rising has gathered a whopping 12,000 signatures on the petition to take the the CEO's of the leading bottle companies mentioned in this post, but still needs 8,000 more! Sign up and make your voice heard.
And click here to get more info on BPA-free baby products.

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