Thursday, April 17, 2008

Where's the milk?

So figure this one out for me: Buttercup was breastfed briefly as a newborn. In fact, she probably got more breastmilk out of the pump and bottle than she did out of me. And even thought I would have believed she would have no memory of being at the breast up until about 6 weeks, she made a bee line for Mr. L's nipple last night and tonight when he was getting ready for bed.
Freaked him out something good, that's for sure. And I'll admit to wishing he hadn't stopped her from making contact. Even if it meant him getting bitten, I would have died to see what she was actually planning to do once she got there.

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sara said...

Ha! That is so funny. I'll never look at Buttercup and Mr L the same way again. Oh my. There is the first pregnant man out there nowadays. Maybe Mr L could follow in his footsteps for #2 baby for you guys? Only seems fair!