Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Picture this: our zoo adventure

I promised pics from our trip this past weekend to the Toledo Zoo, so here they are!

This is me (duh), Buttercup in her Ergo carrier and sweet Retro Baby Banz, and my cousin, Roberto Juan, entering the arctic exhibit.

Yeah, so I didn't hear the announcer guy say that you could not ride with your child, but had to stand next to them. This photo was taken right before they stopped the ride to make me the bad mom. I got to stay on with Buttercup, but the rest of the ride was me not making eye contact with the other parents.

Sweeter's a Leo, so this is kinda cute to me. Our little cub...

Who's got a hot daddy? "I do!" says Buttercup.

From Daddy's point of view: Buttercup snuggling with Mommy and Cinderella in the Ergo. Nice end to a long day.



McMommy said...

We did the zoo too this weekend!! I think it's like a Memorial Day requirement or something, isn't it? :)

Loved all the pics! Buttercup sure is a cutie!
And that Ergo carrier looks so nice!

Pauline said...

thx for stopping by, mcmommy! you are my blog idol.

sara said...

I like the family photos :-) So is the Ergo carrier the way to go? The weather was beautiful, perfect zoo weather.

Unknown said...

I love that she's in her Baby Banz!! Glad you had a nice family weekend!
- Shari @ Baby Banz

One Crazy Chick! said...

YAY! for the Zoo and Hottie McHotterson Daddy's!!

mommy3 said...

Trips to the zoo are so much fun! Those are great photos of all of you! Glad you had an enjoyable weekend.

Unknown said...

'k Buttercup is way too cute for words and I almost had heart failure for a minute with the Polar Bear pix...I thought you were here in Dallas!! Oh I wish...I am thinkin' I'd love to meet you!