Monday, May 5, 2008

A night owl on a mission

You might wonder why I am posting (again) at 2 a.m. So I'll tell ya: I work when Buttercup sleeps. And since I am out my normal help from my sisters when I am working on deadlines, that means I have to stay up all night working to finish what I can since I know my major accomplishments after I wake up will be playing "This Little Piggy" and getting Buttercup to eat her veggies.
It's kind of like waiting until the last minute for a major English assignment in high school or college and then pulling an all-nighter to make the grade, only this time I'm getting paid.


sara said...

I wish I was still in grad school because I was always up all night and then you would have someone to talk to! These days I'm lucky if I make it to 10PM. Hey night owl, I left you a message about tomorrow or Wed if you get a chance. I'm working afternoons today so I'll try to catch you later or in the AM :-)

Karyna said...

I don't know how u're not exhausted. I think I would have quit a long time ago, but then again, that's why u're the freelance writer and not me. LOL. I know how hectic it can be having a child and catering to them all day.....after a day like that, trust me I'm pooped. Then having to work into the wee hours of the night. Woo-hoo!! YOU R MY HERO!!

Pauline said...

Ha! I am exhausted, Karyna! But it's not always like this. I do get down time when I don't have assignments and deadlines breathing down my neck, and during those times I get to relax.
Hopefully, I can do that next week.