Saturday, May 24, 2008

Scheduling fun (or: our new reality)

We had to schedule fun today. How sad is that? Sweeter and I are so busy with family obligations and summer craziness that we have kept putting off a trip to the Toledo Zoo with my uncle, aunt, and cousin. So, we the caution to the wind, bit the bullet, and said to hell with the laundry, lawn, and obligatory trip to the gym and spent the whole day at the zoo with Buttercup in the Ergo.
I am pooped. Not even gonna bother trying to download pics to post cuz I have to still drag my ass into the shower, clean the mess that is my kitchen, and go to bed.
I'll post pics, twitter, and all that bloggy goodness, tomorrow. Can you all wait that long?

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sara said...

Yay, the Toledo zoo is really fun from what I can remember. It's been years, but it was always really cool. I'm glad you had a great day and I'll try to call you later today :-)