Thursday, May 8, 2008

Sluttin' it up at the bar...I mean "blog"

I love blogging. It is like an addiction. Only I don't have to pay for anything to get my high...except for the internet connection which I already possess.
Gotta love easy access.
And while I love sitting at the computer typing out my inner-most thoughts to a world full of people who, it seems, like to read my blog but don't wanna leave comments (Hey, I'm just sayin'!) I also love finding other kick-ass blogs, like The McMommy Chronicles.
And by following the proverbial yellow-brick road of links and badges on McMommy's site, I ended up at The Busy Dad Blog (gotta love the "Parenting without a Helmet" tag line) which then led me to my final destination of the evening at The Weekend Blog Hoppers.
I love the premise and since we all know that while college bar-hopping is fun (and even expected), Mommy bar-hopping is kinda, well, not. So I'm gonna get my cool on with the blog hoppin' thang.
The best part is that I don't have to worry about waking up with puke in my hair or wondering who the hell I'm sleeping next to...
Who knows? I may even log in one day to find (GASP!) comments from people I don't even know.


Karen MEG said...

Hey Pauline, thanks for stopping by my bar/ blog (that is a very funny title, BTW). Welcome to the blogosphere, ain't it fun?
As far as the Thursday thirteen, it's just one of those meme type blogplaces that I got hooked on when looking for inspiration. I notice that a few of the bloghoppers do that one, as well as WW .... there are a lot of fun places to stop by to pick up ideas for blogging. I must confess I found a lot in desperation when I signed up for NaBloPoMo in November last year. Blogging = addiction, yes.

And welcome to motherhood too... your baby is a doll!

Yellow Beads said...

Hey, Just jumped on Busy Dad's Blog Hopping site myself. What a cool concept. I am addicted as well, ha. See ya around, I hope!

One Crazy Chick! said...

Pauline, thanks for stopping by!

That baby of yours is adorable. Crazy, I not only met my husband on the internet but I also married him in 2002 like you :) I'm I dork for noticing! And also, I'm 29. Inner dorkiness, now totally revealed.

Okay, I'll stop. But wanted to say "hi".

Pauline said...

hey candace, I'm actually 30 now...i just haven't taken the time to update the profile. Who knows? I may be 29 5 years from now...