Thursday, May 1, 2008

When my blog grows up

It's a strange thing, nurturing a blog into what you want it to become. For me, it's more than just recording Buttercup's milestones or showing the world the articles I have had published.
It's also a way for me to express myself on a daily (or not) basis and have a single place to go where I am truly my own boss when it comes to what I am writing about.
And in a weird way, it's also become a bit of a competition with, well, me. Me and my blog against the world.
I know I have a nice amount of monthly readership. But one wouldn't know that based on the lack of comments.
No big deal. I still write. Because this is still mostly for me and my own satisfaction.
But every time I come across a blog about parenting or product reviews that I like, I find myself thinking "Why didn't I think of that?" Or "I did think of that! Why didn't my idea work?"
I see graphics and layouts I drool over, comments to posts that, just in the amount of reader interaction, makes me a bit green with envy. I see ads galore and wonder how I can make my blog better, more reader friendly, etc. etc. etc.
Then it occurs to me that this blog is fine the way it is. It is for me, right? And I like what I have going here.
So what if I never make a dime off of Deadlines and Diapers. I'm enjoying myself here.
So maybe the answer is to spin off. I already have dog product reviews at the Ruff Ruff Review, so why not go with what I already know and start another blog specific to mom, kid, and baby product reviews? Why not branch out even more? Why keep throwing everything I have at one single target?
The point being that I think I have overworked this little blog into more than it was meant to be: which is me and Buttercup surviving my WAHM life.
So give me a little bit of time to get my new ideas going and established on the blogosphere.
It's time for Deadlines and Diapers to grow up. Just a little bit.


Unknown said...

Hi. We had a dog named Finnigan:(
Your blog is fun to read.

Pauline said...

thanks for the comment! Finnigan is a cool dog name. I got the inspiration from my fave childhood program, which of course, was Mr. Dressup!

Karyna said...

Well Pauline....I love your blog. It's a great way for me to watch Buttercup grow up,(you know me, being so far away from the family) and laugh at you.....o.k., o.k., not laugh at u exactly, but laugh and stay in touch with ur family.
Please make sure this blog doesn't grow up too much.

Pauline said...

Hi Karyna!
thanks for the comment! It's nice to know that moms (including family!) are reading and keeping up with me and Buttercup.
And it's okay. You can laugh at me. I would, if I was not me.