Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Why I should get paid when the Toothfairy finally arrives

I have been beating myself up about the federally-declared disaster zone that is now my home, not getting any writing assignments done in the past two weeks, and the fact that my idea of "dressing up" is remembering to put clean undewear on.

Then I remember that Buttercup is miserable cutting ten teeth at once.
No, I am not joking.

And no, I am not bragging.

The little show-off decided that she was going for a Guinnes Book record and is working on a full set of teeth as we speak.

The poor little princess is miserable.

Is it any wonder that Everything Else has taken a back seat to the Great Teething Incident of 2008?



One Crazy Chick! said...

She looks miserable. Poor girl.

Lori said...

That poor little girl! When I think about how agonizing it must be to have teeth slowly forcing their way through your gums, I cringe. My heart goes out to baby and mommy!

Pauline said...

thanks, lor.
it is tough and i wish i could wave a magic wand and just make it all go away.

Pauline said...

Kandace, she is miserable. i'm getting about as much sleep right now as when she was newborn.

Michelle said...

Poor thing - talk about growing pains, I think teething is the worst thing they go thru!!

Karyna said...

Ouch, poor Buttercup. Well Pauline all u can do is Tylenol and Motrin for the pain...and cuddle with her all she wants because she doesn't know whats going on right now. Give her lots of big smooches from her cousins Adali, Nani, and Oscitar!!