Sunday, June 8, 2008

O-M-G, Beckie! Like, I have been nominated for an award!

Thanks to Kristin from Mommies United for the heads up to a Hoss Award bloggy nomination for Class Clown!
(Yeah, I know. I am in shock, too! I feel like I just made homecoming court and skipped past that whole embarrasing Mock Election "Kramer Award" for the weird hair thing--see photo at left and revert to high school thinking for all the explanation you may need. And yes, the Chia pet theme was kind of like background music in my head.)
But instead, I'm flying high right now cuz I am eatin' lunch with the cool kids (and their awesome blogs), and it feels great. (Does my hair look alright? Never mind, don't answer that.)
Whoever nominated me, well, I'll thank you after I have cleaned up my smeared mascara from my Happiness Tears.
Anyway, could you show me some bloggy love and, like, um, vote for me? Cuz that would be, like, so totally cool of you and I'd totally, like, owe you.
Voting ends June 12! So Hurry up!



Kristin said...

No problemo! Although you are so not sitting with teh cool kids, we got kicked off the table. The two of us can make our very own...oh yesss!

Pauline said...

sweet! I love being a rebel.

oh-and I voted for you, too.

Bottles Barbies And Boys said...

Whoo-hoo You go Girl!
Love your layout

hollibobolli said...

I voted for you.. and I wouldn't have even known I was nominated had you not left a comment, so thank you so much for that!!


ps - you do have the most precious blog

Caffeine Court said...

Hey thanks for nominating me! I'll go vote for you right now...