Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The pointless post

There's a ton going on right now, Buttercup's still growing and changing every day, and I'm still trying to finish up this blog party from my other blog. Grrrr! Who doesn't understand the concept of claiming a prize???
I won't get into all of it cuz it's more rant than post, but the bottom line is that the blog party ended two days ago and more than a few winners have until tomorrow to get back to me before I draw alternate winners. The whole moral of the story is to do your research ahead of time, clearly state all contests rules, and then stick to your guns.
Individual contest posts are one thing, but a major contest with multiple winners and prizes? Nightmare. Trust me on this.
I did the things the hard way and jumped in the deep end first, so let's just say I learned things the hard way.
Oh well.
As for what's happening right now, Buttercup is now telling us "Ladoo, Ladoo, Ladoo!" and sometimes enunciating so we hear "Love ooo!" It is SO freaking cute.
I have more to share, but the rest of it actually has a point, so I'll save that for another post.



happyathome said...

Doesn't sound like a pointless post to me...more of a typical post!

Pauline said...

thanks, happyathome! I just kind of felt like I was rambling, so that is why I called it a pointless post.

Michelle said...

Sorry to hear that some contest winners are going to be sticks in the mud, I know for a fact that there other contest winners (ME) that are very excited about the wonderful prizes you had to offer.