Wednesday, September 17, 2008

WAHMO Wednesday: Almost forgot to party

Is it Wednesday already?

Sometimes, it's really easy to lose track of time when all I have to go on is how many pairs of yoga pants I have left before I have to do laundry again.

So here I sit blushing, embarrassed that I keep missing my own WAHM-O Wednesday parties after I went through the trouble of, well, you know, re-inventing someone else's idea and calling it my own. I mean, really, it took a lot of work!

But as usual, SHHHHTuff just keeps happening (and by SHHHHtuff I mean "Shit" "and "stuff" combined together to create a word that really does reflect my life) and I keep wondering why I bother to blog.

Then I remember that aside from my Prozac, it's the only thing keeping me from going to crazy-land.

The good news is that soon I will be able to call myself a freelance writer again, at least for a week or so. My editor at Metro Parent got in touch with me after a few months of no responses to emails with an apology about being busy (I can relate) and a promise of assignments to come by Friday.

I don't know how many we're talking, but considering the fact that I'm not making shit right now, I'm happy with one and will GLADLY drive myself batty trying to finish as many as she throws my way.

I'm also busy with Berrie Sweet Picks and reviewing stuff (because it isn't SHHHHtuff) and trying to be better about posting them on a regular basis than I am about showing up around these parts. And so far, so good.

And it will be even better when I can say that I'm no longer a bloggy peon who does this for the "sheer love" of writing. Because trust me, I do love it. But I also happen to like paying bills on time, too.


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Anonymous said...

I noticed you have an ad for Ergo on your site. Go Ergo! Oh, and I can almost relate to the freelance thing - I moved to avoid being asked for a project (at least till the little one is making intelligible noises in english in the background). Good luck on that contact.