Wednesday, October 8, 2008

WAHMO Wednesday: Foiled by technology...again

My grand plan of sitting down at my neglected PC and choosing a picture for my WAHMO Wendesday post is pretty much out the window.

See, I'm obviously technologically-challenged.

I can blog. I can upload and download pictures to and from digital cameras and such. I can even do some minor HTML coding.

But with the set up my husband has in this room and the amount of wires coming in and and out of my computer, I'd really rather not try and guess which wire (is it the red one, or the blue one?? AAAAAARRGGH!) it is I need to unplug or replug to get access to the millions of digital pictures he has sinced moved to an external hard drive.

For a second there, I was going to get fancy and upload some pics from my blackberry, but as you can plainly see, that didn't happen either.

And folks, that pretty much sums up my WAHMO Wednesday moment for the week: I have a laptop, a PC (my own since the hubby has his own in his man den), and a flippin' blackberry, and I yet, I am still inept at something as simple as accessing photos from an external hard drive.

Welcome to my paradox.


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