Friday, May 1, 2009

Why I'm still blogging

I have one follower. My blog is never going to be made into a Lifetime Original Movie of the Week, nor do I expect to have any publishers knocking on my email inbox begging me to sign with them for my much-anticipated memoir.

And ya know what? It's ok.

I have seen and read so many amazing blogs since I started sharing my thoughts on the internet. I've dreamt of becoming the next big It-girl blogger. And when I wrote my first post, I guess my ulterior motive was to create an instant internet sensation.


Not gonna happen.

So I started Berrie Sweet Picks. It's fun to review products and I love that so many great people are helping the blog grow by checking in on a daily basis, but I have a sneaking suspicion that if I stopped giving stuff away that my readers would probably disappear pretty quickly. ;D I love it but I seriously sometimes feel like i'm trying to bribe the cool kids to let me sit with them at the lunch table.

Do I have any gimmicks here? Other than my snappy writing style and uber-interesting life? Hell no! This is just me as naked as can be.

I'm a good writer, but not the best. I'm a reporter and can write the hell out of other people's stories, but I'm not so smooth when it comes to turning out personal prose. And sometimes I wonder if I should keep writing here. I have what? A few people who check in here every so often? And if the name of the game is numbers and hits and google page ranks and whether or not the blogging thing is actually help paying the bills (and it isn't), then what's the point?

The point, my beautiful and lovely lone blog follower, is that there doesn't need to be a point. The best blogs-I think-happen because the authors are really writing for themselves and not with the sole intention of impressing a faceless world of strangers. And that was my mistake up until now.

I should be writing here for me. And if you happen to like what I'm saying, then cool beans for both of us.



Unknown said...

Hey it's Mel, not Bob, I'm just using his account!

You have two followers! I'm not sure if I've ever told you I read this site, but I do! I've just never commented before. I actually have this site bookmarked and check it often! It was a long dry spell there between December and April! :P

Pauline said...

Hi Mel! You mean PEOPLE I KNOW read this crap? well, for that I apologize,
no feels good to be writing here again. thanks for letting me know you check in!

sara said...

Hey babe I still love you..and the buttercup. Plus Brynn says hi!

Rachel said...

HEy sweets!!!

Bloghoppin' on ya ;-) How sad that I didn't know that you had a personal blog.

(flogging self now) ;-)

Pauline said...

wow-people are reading my blog? looks like i have to get interesting! lol.