Monday, September 10, 2007

Baby and freelancing reality check

When I said I wanted to stay home to freelance write around my baby's schedule, I must have been on something.
And it must have been something good.
Seriously. How else can I explain away the lack of thought and realistic planning that went into my decision to quit my full-time job and attempt to make a go of the "glamorous" freelance writer's life?
(No interviews with Brangelina here, folks. My glamour quotient for the day was met when Buttercup smiled as her poopy diaper leaked out from one side and onto my unsuspecting lap. Oh yeah...I know you're jealous...)
So here I am, a total fish out of water.
Instead of researching things like if I should incorporate myself and what I need to average per hour to make sure Buttercup doesn't host her first birthday party in a carboard box before I officially made the leap, I am now scrambling to learn all I can now while keeping up with my current assignments and, of course, using baby wipes to rub poopy smears off of my pants.
So far, my only resource has been "The ASJA Guide to Freelancing," edited by Timothy Harper. If you are a freelancing momma like me looking for some pointers on the business-end of this line of work, I'd recommend this book for you.
You can also get plenty of helpful tips by logging on to the American Society of Journalists and Authors website.

I wonder if there is a chapter on how to type one-handed while feeding Buttercup a bottle...

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