Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Loss of hearing and other stories

So we survived camping. Woohoo.
I'd post pictures right now, but I still haven't unpacked the camera. Maybe tomorrow.
As for Buttercup, well, let's just say I'm signing my so-high-pitched-when-she-screams-she-makes-dogs-howl-and-can-crack-glass baby up for voice lessons as soon as I can afford them.
Think I'm kidding? I honestly don't know if my ear drums will survive her teething. (Or a skinned knee, for that matter.)
I have never in my life heard something so shrill come out of a baby...and I sit here typing now with my ears and head ringing so much that you'd thinkI just left a rock concert.
I think I am buying ear drums tomorrow.
Wait, I meant ear plugs. That was definitely a Freudian slip.
As for being able to afford things...I am considering looking into medical transcription stuff from home. I need something regular (that doesn't require additional baby-sitting services) to keep the bills paid while I plod my way through the maze of query letters, once-monthly paychecks per publication, and the whole paid-upon-publication vs. paid-upon-acceptance thing.
By no means is this throwing in the towel for freelancing, though. It's merely a way to make sure the towel is not repossessed so that I may continue to write in my PJ's while I wear Buttercup in a sling and taking afternoon naps and sharing goofy smily times that I can enjoy during my breaks while working at home.

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