Monday, January 14, 2008

Remember me?

So admittedly, it's been a while since my last post.
But a lot has happened.
Frankly, as a writer, I think it is pretty pathetic to say that "life got in the way," but it did.
My dad died right after Thanksgiving (and on my mother's 49th birthday) and entire family and I dressed ourselves in black and shook hands and hugged and kissed and thanked hundreds of people for their thoughts and generosity while mentally trying to tally the number of stamps we needed for thank you cards. (Current tally: over 250.)
I won't bog down all of the available space on the Internet trying to catch up, but I will mention a few quick notables:

(On the writing front)
*I have FINALLY made it to the Detroit Free Press for freelance assignments. It's honestly been my goal since college, so major Woohoo for me.
*The Five Fabulous Finds column at Metro Parent seems to be garnering some traffic, so that is pretty exciting, as well.

(On the baby front)
*Buttercup is now 7 months old, 18 pounds, and 27 inches long. (Note: photo is about two months old. I have yet to download about 200 photos from my digital.)The little Princess of All Things Diva is now scooting (so close to crawling!), and her smile melts my heart.
*Mom! I am now the mommy of a talker! Buttercup has been saying "Mumma, Mum" for a while now, but only while sleepy and seeking comfort from me. On New Year's Eve, she kicked it into high gear with "Mom" all over the place and now calls for me when she wakes up!
I swear, I have always secretly loved having a name that is not common and thought I'd hate to share a name with others. "Mom" is about as common as it gets (Just try calling it out in a grocery store or amusement park.) But I get a little rush every time she says it. I might be one of a million in mommy land, but I'm all hers.
Anyway, I'm alive. And I'll do my best to get back on track with posting. The show must go on...

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