Saturday, March 15, 2008

Bigger diapers and more deadlines

Yes, I am a bad (blogging) mommy.

Not only have I neglected to update Buttercup's baby book or first year calendar for the past four months, my efforts to keep this blog up to date on my trials and tribulations as a stay-at-work mom AND Buttercups little everyday adventures has also been lacking.

My excuse? Well, doesn't the title of the blog say it all?


But seriously. I have been asked for an update by one of my readers (THANK YOU!) and family and friends so here a a few tidbits:


*I have written quite a few posts for the Baby Gooroo site since I last posted here and am really enjoying it. Let me know what you think!

*More Five Fabulous Finds columns are now up at the Metro Parent site. And yes, getting to review mom and baby/kid products is a huge perk that I am enjoying.

*I wrote a few short articles for the Free Press but nothing in a little while now. I am currently playing the evenly-spaced gentle-reminders of my existence emails with the editor.

*And family is still helping, but I am getting slightly better at juggling the Mommy/Working thang on my own. It is a work in progress.


*Sleep is now a wonderful and regular part of our lives again. Buttercup has quickly re-adapted to the crib after co-sleeping with me since my father died. And as it turns out, she sleeps better, and longer, alone. Who'd a thunk it?

*Buttercup can say "Mom," "Dad," and "Dog." She also regularly says "Umbum". I will get back to all of you when I finally figure out the translation for that one.

*She has had more clothes to wear (mostly new) in her first nine months of life than I think I have owned since high school. And yes it's true-my baby has a better wardrobe than I do. Then again, that's mainly because I am still too fat to fit into most of my pre-baby clothes. *Sigh*

*She's also cuter than ever . But that the Mommy in me talking.

*And here is a link to the MG Photography web site. You have to check it out because one-the site has been updated and is incredible and two-Buttercup and family are the models for the Babies and Bellies slide show!

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