Saturday, March 22, 2008

Getting to the bottom if it...

...of the pile of the crap on the floor, I mean.
So far, we have:
* put up shelves in Buttercups's room that have been taking up floor space
* cleaned the bathroom
* actually made the basement look decent
We still have to:
* Do everything else.

And our little Easter shindig? Yeah, well it went from 15 people (which is just a portion of my side of the family and the in-laws) to more like 30.
And people wonder why Buttercup's first birthday is going to have a guest list about 100 names long...


sara said...

I can't believe it's coming up in a few months seems like she was just born!

Pauline said...

you are not kidding. Time is no longer measured in months. it is measured in diaper sizes and how many new teeth have popped through.
the sad thing is that the closer she gets to being a year old, the closer i get to jumping off a bridge since i am still holding on to a good portion of the baby weight.