Wednesday, March 26, 2008

When did Jesus get trumped by the Easter Bunny?


So I'm a Catholic and Buttercup is being raised as one, too. Mr. L is not, but he knew it meant a lot to me to both get married in a church and to have our babies baptized, so we are doing the "one religious parent and one who doesn't give a damn" thing.

Basically, Mr. L. says his rule is that Buttercup can stop going to church with me the moment she says she does not want to go.

Fine with me, I said. Only my rule is that she is mine and God's until she is eight years old. I was baptized and made my First Communion, and so will she. After that, she may not have to ask Daddy to save her from Sunday service if Mommy's drive to follow family traditions dies off the day after Buttercup hangs up her Communion dress.

Sad, but very possibly true.

As for Easter and Jesus, let me first say that I do go to church on a semi-regular basis. My mom and I had gotten into the habit of going every Saturday until my dad died, and then we spent quite a few Sunday mornings at St. Anne's in Mexican Town for the funeral and for the subsequent memorial masses for three Sundays in a row, so we have upgraded ourselves from the Holiday Catholics we once were.

And while I dragged us all, over-dressed baby in tow, to Easter morning mass, I was giddy with excitement to get back home and have Buttercup play with the Easter basket I decked out for her with books and stuffed animals.

And then when my family showed up, and each dropped a wrapped gift or stuffed animal into her little hands, I suddenly realized why my parents never bought us anything....we already owned every toy imaginable!

Seriously, my 9 1/2 month old baby got more toys for Easter than I think is religiously appropriate, but then again, I think my childhood Easters were exactly the same.

Future note to self: Do NOT buy ANYTHING for Buttercup next year...the stuffed animals are already conspiring to take over my home!

(Okay, okay, maybe just one little thing! But that is it!)

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sara said...

She is so cute that she so deserves all those little cute things!