Wednesday, April 2, 2008

And I get to breathe WHEN?


As a relatively new face on the Mommy Blogosphere, I'm trying to actually meet me neighbors, so to speak. One, I get to see how other moms are balancing work and baby, and two, I get to get some exposure for my blog.

So far, I have found a few really cool blogs and mom blog sites, such as Blonde Mom Blog and Mom Blog Network.

I have registered my site with the Mom Blog Network (MBN), and added coding on my site which allows my readers to vote for my blog on the MBN, which in turn gets me a higher rating and possibly more readers from that site.

So who wants to help me out?

*Wink, wink*


It's been a crazy couple of days around my house and there are no signs of things slowing down anytime soon.

Buttercup still has a temp hovering at the 100 degree mark (and I'll be calling the pedi in the morning if it's still there...), I'm scrambling to get some work done, trying to hunt up some new clients, throwing around the idea of getting a book going, and paying my mother's bills, teaching her how to use her ATM card, and gathering her tax info in order to get things completed before the upcoming deadline.

Yep-I am now my father. (And by the way, the picture is from last year's Michigan-Michigan State Football game, and the last pic I have of Buttercup with her Guelo.)

But as the oldest of five, it is just the way things work. So I am trying to both baby-step my mother into the world of independent living after 30 years of having my father take care of everything while I try to keep her bills paid, her bank account afloat, and my sanity.

It gets tricky, but a good Deflection Fest (read: save all frustration, grief, anger, and sadness regarding my father's death until Mr. L looks at me the wrong way or Buttercup has an extra fussy day, at which point I go all crazy woman about something stupid) makes me feel like new.

I know I haven't posted about my dad since, well, forever, but it's just easier that way. If I keep busy, I can do what I promised him without tears to get in the way or smudge the bills I am now in charge of: and that's taking care of my mom.

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BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

What a cutie!

Thanks for linking to me. I am also a journalist (well, editor to be more precise) and work 32 hours a week and have two kiddos.

You should visit and register. There is also a great working mom site called Work It, Mom! Check it out, too!

Welcome to blogging. I think you will love it.