Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I'm 'Wiped'!

Call me crazy, but wanna make time to read a book? While I know that the phrases “time to read” and “I have a child” don’t necessarily go together, you might want to keep this one in the bathroom or in your gym bag for those little snatches of me-time you can snag here and there.

I certainly never thought I’d have the time to read this one myself (an entire magazine article in one sitting is my record since Buttercup has been born) but Wiped: Life with a Pint-Sized Dictator by Rebecca Eckler was worth the late nights after she fell asleep (and a few "bathroom breaks" while Mr,. L. took care of baby!)

I'll be the first to admit that the book might not be everyone’s cup of tea (just read some of the scathing reviews from readers on Amazon) but I was laughing my head off from page one.

In Wiped, Eckler takes us through her first few years of parenthood in her "We're not rich" life filled with nannies, Bugaboo strollers, porsches, postpartum depression inspired two-month long trips to Hawaii, and the old apartment she still rents "just because" even though she lives in a two-room condo with her fiance.

And while I found myself rolling my eyes when I read "We're not rich", (perhaps the author meant when compared to Paris Hilton???) I was able to look past that little lie (compared to Target, blue-light specials, and making my own baby food because its cheaper) and just enjoy the book for what it was: a blog-style novel written in such a way that anyone can relate (and laugh) with a new Mom learning the frustrations and joys that come with motherhood. She’s honest, witty, and hilariously sarcastic.

If you like my blog, you'll like her book. (Not that I dare to put myself in the same class as a published author!) But be warned, you'll have to be able to stomach plenty of "F" bombs along with the sarcasm.

Me? I drop them at home about as often as I read them in the book, so I was totally at home.


So have you read any good Mom-lit lately?

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