Saturday, April 12, 2008

Lazy and Loving it

I'm about as obsessive compulsive and you can get about certain things. Take the sink for example. If I don't clean it out every night, I can't sleep.
Now, I don't mean disinfecting it or anything majorly crazy like that, but if there is a dirty dish and an empty dishwasher then something has got to get done.
Which usually leads me to wiping down the stove...and after that I might as well just clean out the microwave. And by the time I have finished cleaning the kitchen (at 1 in the morning) I figure I might as well spend just 10 more minutes getting the bathroom cleaned up...and then I can do the living room before I go to bed, right?
No matter what you may think, I am not a neat freak. I am, however, a realist. Simply put, that whole line about sleeping when the baby sleeps is total crap. When else am I supposed to clean???
Hell, when am I supposed to work, for that matter?
Exactly! When the baby sleeps!
So this is why doing nothing is such a big deal for me. It rarely happens. I work from home and don't know the plot lines of any soap operas, for cryin' out loud, and only catch glimpses of The Ellen DeGeneres Show when I drop Buttercup off at my mom's here and there.
When we don't have family obligations, which is also rare, we usually don't lounge around. There's always something to do, someone who needs this or someone else who needs that. But today was different.
No one planned it. In fact, that may have ruined it. Instead, Mr. L. and I kind of settled onto each other with the baby on my chest as we wasted away the afternoon watching movies.
The dishes stayed dirty. The laundry untouched. And I've got dust bunnies big enough to eat a small dog.
But for once, that's okay. And wow, is that a nice feeling.

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