Thursday, April 24, 2008

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a description will have to do

I basted my baby today.
Well, okay. I didn't actually baste her, but I did put her plump little rump into the roaster. But before you think I went off the deep end (which I hear isn't very far off from where I currently sit), let me explain by saying that it is the only thing big enough to sit her in to soak for her diaper rash treatment.
I tried that bowl they send you home from the hospital with after you have a kid, and well, she fit, but it wasn't exactly a good time.
So I looked and looked around today for something else to use, and finally thought that the roaster could stand to be used more than twice a year.
I wish I had a picture to post, but since I was home alone today with Mr. L. working a different shift than usual, I had no one to capture the moment.
It was cute, though. She was sitting in her pint of water and powder, legs spread out in front of her, little toes wiggling above the water, and arms hooked over the edges of the roaster. If she had only thrown her head back and sighed, it would have been perfect.
Well, pefect, at least, until she realized she couldn't splash in the water.
"No, no, sweetie," I say, gently taking her hands to play pat-a-cake as a diversion.
And blink, blink goes the baby before the reality of not getting what she wanted set in.
That's when things got ugly while I desperately counted down the 15 minute time-frame.
Well, we have to do this three times tomorrow, so at least one of those times should allow for a photo opp. I'm betting Buttercup is not going to cooperate.


sara said...

All right...your cooking is always really good...but if you ever invite me over for a meal that is cooked with that...I might have to rethink things :-) Just kidding! Hope the baby booty is feeling better soon!

Pauline said...

Well, I WAS going to wash it first!