Thursday, April 17, 2008

Shameless plugs for all things fabulous

My April Five Fabulous Finds column is finally up at Metro Parent! Check it out for my thoughts on:

* Comfy Crawlers (think bum-buffer for a baby learning to negotiate the world on two feet.)

* The tres cool Baby Ktan baby carrier (This thing really is one of the best baby carriers I have ever seen--and I have seen plenty!)

* The Natalie Travel Tote from Bumble Bags (The stars carry their baby gear in these bad boys, so why can't we?)

* Bumbkins super, junior, and long-sleeved bibs (they just make sense. Lots of sense. See photo of baby with food on face for reference.)

* The Dittany Baby Solarveil Pouch (if you are into baby-wearing and want to make showering and beach or poolside fun easier on you, it's time to get a Dittany Baby!)

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