Friday, April 4, 2008

She's PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't even know where to start or how to explain how happy I am to announce my friend Sara's pregnancy.

We've known each other for years now (GO TITANS!) and met in college when she started dating my friend, Jason. Well, the years went by and with them, so did many friends. But Sara and Jason have always been there. They are good people, caring friends, and will make their baby very lucky to have been born to them.

He or she has been wished for, yearned for, dreamt about, worked for, and probably cried about more than they will ever know due to a host of infertility problems that Sara and Jason have faced. She has watched as friend after relative has gotten pregnant and given birth, patiently handled the "So when you are going to start trying?" question a bazillion times since she celebrated her fifth wedding anniversary, and happily (and sincerely) welcomed friends (like me) to spend time with her, baby in tow.

She and I shared a little bit of a connection when we learned we were both trying to conceive, only to be told that "it may take some time." Well, it took me two years and a diagnosis and treatment for insulin resistance before I was blessed. Sara's journey, which she details on her blog, was much more difficult, but perhaps that is because she is the stronger person.

Sara, if you are reading this, I love you and know that no matter what happens, this baby is lucky to have you, someone willing to fight so hard just to bring the little being into existence, as his or her mother.



sara said...

Do I even need to say that you're the biggest sweetie ever? Love you like a sister girl!

Pauline said...

Love ya back!