Saturday, April 19, 2008

Slap-Happy and counting down to D-Day

Yes, I chose a new blog template. And who knows?? I may choose another one next week.

We'll see.

I guess I'm feeling kind of slap-happy in a tired kind of way (which makes sense, I guess) after a two-hour walk with Buttercup this evening. I did the usual route with stops at the bank ATM, the coffee house (for a sugar-free, fat-free iced-latte), and then walked to a little diner to order take-out to bring back home with me.

Buttercup was happy as a clam in the Bob Revolution (it's like the Hummer of strollers, only much, much cheaper), and then when she decided she was no longer happy as a clam in the Bob, she became happy as a clam in the Ergo Baby Carrier, which I am reviewing for a future Five Fab Finds column.

All in all, it was a pretty nice walk. Well, except for the strange looks I got for pushing the stroller with nothing but the diaper bag in it after Buttercup decided she was through with Bob. I almost laughed as people driving by me almost snapped their own heads off of their necks tying to see the baby I was wearing like a back-pack.

Hopefully, with trips to the gym and trying to keep up with my work, I can continue the hard-core walking schedule. Granted, I only have about a week to train for the March for Babies, but I do have about two months until Buttercup's First Birthday, otherwise known as You Can't Use the Baby as an Excuse Anymore.

See my motivation?

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sara said...

An empty stroller..that's funny and would get some strange looks!