Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Par-tay for a princess!

Okay, so it is 3:10 a.m. (yikes!), I just finished writing, editing, and turning in two articles for next month's Metro Parent magazine, and am now searching for birthday party invites for Buttercup.
And I may have struck gold! I really wanted to do a photo invite so family and friends could keep it as a remembrance of this very momentous day, and I finally found one I like. It's from Stork Avenue. Click here to see it.
What do you think? I have to show it to Mr. L tomorrow and if he agrees, I'll be placing an order by next week!
Cool-now I just have to order balloons, the cakes (one gluten-free squash cake for Buttercup and one for the adults), buy kiddie bag stuffs, get the pinata, ask a few relatives to make some appetizers, buy a few kiddie games for the party, find cute thank-you cards that compliment the invites, make a birthday party play list for my iPod (and make sure I have batteries for the iHome2Go), schedule Buttercup's first birthday pics, and that order.
I may not live to see tomorrow.


Unknown said...

My little girl will be one, and my husband is turning the 'big 3-0' soon, so I wanted to have an extra special birthday party for both occasions. I spent a long time searching the internet until if found these great sites for and These sites have cute and unique birthday party invitations, and you can use my own birthday wordings with lots of sample birthday party sayings for me to use. I ordered from and the birthday invitations cards were beautiful. Everyone loved them!

sara said...

Hey there...I love the card you picked out. I also like the idea of a picture card. Can I have some of the other non squash cake? Oh alright, I promise I'll eat whatever you feed me :-) are a nightowl!

Karyna said...

I''m sooooooo very jealous I'm not going to be there to celebrate Buttercups b-day! (of course thinking I was going to be invited), with my crew of kids. Well at least I have this blog to watch your baby girl grow up. The invitations r so very sweet...Love them.

Pauline said...

Karyna! I'd love for you to be there...But I'm thinking a plane trip with the crew might be a bit much, no?
It's cool, chica. We'll keep in touch here.