Monday, June 2, 2008

Yeehaw for my hooha!

My hooha is famous. And loved. It got seven comments from its new friends who were kind enough to stop by and wish it "get well soon" thoughts, which was very sweet.
Maybe I should write about it more often. Even if only it is because it is fun to both say and spell "hooha."
So to all my hooha friends, and those laughing to hard to leave a commnt, I thank you for your sentiments.



One Crazy Chick! said...

That's enough of your hooha already!

She's tired and worn out and needs a break.

Get your hooha outta here.

Have you taken this blog off your professional signature yet? Your clients will have hooha over that.

sara said...

You are too funny! My hooha hopes your hooha feels better soon! My hooha is nervous about today, she is very shy and doesn't want to be so publically seen while wide awake. My hooha has stage fright, but will have to get over it I guess. Congrats on the bike ride, the weather has been gorgeous!

Cloudsters said...

Hullo, trust the hooha over the hooha has subsided.
Cheers for dropping by at the blog the other time. As it happens, we're trying to get back to the gym again too - and all the moving parts seem to need oiling for some reason

Pauline said...

You make me laugh, too, Kandace.
Yes, I did take the blog off the professional signature already.
It's just safer that way.
What shall I post about next?
(Cue appropriate game show theme song)