Wednesday, September 3, 2008

WAHM-O Wednesday

It's time for WAHM-O Wednesday, folks. If you want the entertaining backstory, click here. If not, the short version is this: I post a funny picture or tell a funny story about my working from home adventures, you read it and like to so much that you are inspired to sign Mr. Linky and write your own post about being a WAHM, and then you link back to me!

And then we all gather around the campfire and sing that Kumbaya song (and I really don't care if I spelled that right or not.)

Today's WAHM-O moment was brought to me courtesy of my baby sis, Pati, whom I am sure is going to kill me when she realizes I snapped a picture of her in all her sleeping glory. Truth be told, I tried avoiding being killed later by focusing on Buttercup. She's the cute one, anyway.

The story? I am busy at work trying to pitch stories to The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, and a variety of other publications many freelancers would die to get in to, and also trying to clean house because the inlaws are coming over tonight. So Pati decided to take a nap with Buttercup. Isn't it sweet?



T J said...

I've been trying to keep up with my favorite blogs - yours is one of those - after spending a week with my mom trying to make sure she didn't over do it after a 62 day hospital stay and surgery.

Needless to say, I totally understand where you are coming from. I'd like to say I am a WAHM. I'm working on my first novel (up to chapter 5) and blogging (non-paying, like yours) and it seems there is always someone or something that gets in the way. Of course, I have 3 boys so maybe I've just had very unrealistic expectations.

I enjoy your humor - keep at it. Someday, (fingers crossed) we'll look back on these busy days as the good old days, when we are sitting at home, alone, with all the time in the world to craft all the witty, poignant, high-paying sentences we want.

Pauline said...

thanks for the comment! I hope your mother is well, and appreciate your stopping by.

you like my humor? really? *blushing*

seriously though, that novel ur working you already have a book deal? I'd love to get a book published...and have some ideas, but so far all i have is rejection letters.

and can we look back on these days from a suite in Vegas?

T J said...

LOL! No - no book deal. I just finally decided to get off my duff and do it for myself. I used to write human interest stories for a regional magazine, but honestly, it bored me since I'm a fiction girl at heart. And if I'd tried writing fiction into those type of stories I could have gotten sued for libel. :)

I'm comforting myself with the thought that JK Rowling once wrote on napkins and was rejected multiple times before getting published.

A suite in Vegas would be nice, but I think a cosy little cottage on a beach in Hawaii would work just as well. ;)