Friday, October 3, 2008

Blog first, questions later

It used to be that I blogged here or at Berrie Sweet Picks when and if I had time. But with growing popularity, I'm finding that I have to schedule time to blog, just like the rest of my Work at Home responsibilities.

And talk about being busy lately. Right now I have two Blogger Challenges going on right now, a Fight the Flu:Win a Shuffle month-long-giveaway, a monthlong back up in items I need to review, and even more unsolicited items on the way. It's getting way crazy over here!

It's busy, but I love it. My only problem is trying to balance my paid work not blogging with my unpaid work blogging. I tell myself each day that I'll blog after I have finished a paying assignment and more often than not, I either find myself scrambling to get the paying job done each night or holding off to the next day (but I have never missed a deadline. Just made life harder on myself.)

So here I find myself blogging hee as my first task of the day. Yeah, about that paycheck I'm waiting for in the mail....


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