Thursday, October 16, 2008

We are now leaving the comfort zone

This is what you would call a "lite" blogging week. Not only am I actually posting ahead in order to make sure you all don't forget about me while I am traveling post-card spots in Michigan, but I'm also busy helping Sweeter get ready for his new out-of-state job. So things are a bit on the crazy side.

I'm not moving anytime soon thanks to the current state of the housing market, so I get to stay behind with Buttercup while he gets himself settled. We'll be in the same state again sometime soon, and until then, we can thank our lucky stars we've got technology up the ying-yang to keep us all connected.

It's going to be extrememly strange, though, when I finally pack up in a few months. I've lived in the Metro Detroit area my whole life and have always been so close to family that if and when something was needed, well, we just called and had about 20 people to choose from. And as much as I've bitched and moaned in my head about being so close to family that we never had a moment of time not claimed by someone else or some pressing family obligation, I'm sure I'm going to miss it just as fiercely as I had come to hate it during the thickest of social calendars.

And as much as I know that the move has nothing to do with my father's death, it still kind of feels like it does. Almost as if us moving is the official mark of a new chapter in our lives. I know, logically, that we'd be moving if he was still here, and that the same chapter would be starting in our new home and with our new surroundings, but it still feels linked, ya know?

I'm still pretty far from moving myself, and will first have to face the challenge of surviving about 6 months without the manly hubby around to kill the spiders, change the oil, and shovel the snow...but then I remember that I have a phone full of family to step in and help out. And even if it may annoy the absolute shit out of me from time to time, I plan on working hard at reminding myself to just shut up and enjoy it while I can.


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