Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Waitress, I said NO vegetables!

It used to be that I could puree up any combination of vegetable, fruit, and meat without a harsh refusal from my daughter.

See, I followed the expert advice to prepare homemade baby foods and made sure to serve a variety of all things yummy and healthy. Peas? Check!

Squash? Check!

Banana and avocado mash? Check!

Pureed chicken noodle soup? And check again!

I really thought I had all my bases covered and naively believed that Buttercup would grow into an agreeable toddler who would gladly gobble up the dishes I lovingly prepared for her.

Yeah, and then she learned the word "no." And then mommy woke up. What I once imagined is now a far-gone dream, and veggies (in all forms except for sweet potato french fries), all meats (except Wendy's kid's cheeseburgers with no bun), and did I mention vegetables? Yeah? Well good, because it all ends up on the floor for the dogs.

Even trying to "hide" the veggies in a scrambled egg and cheese concoction resulted in this sweet little moment of "Mommy, what in God's name is this crap?"

Sweet, huh?


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