Thursday, December 18, 2008

Deadlines and Diapers revived

Wow, look what happenes when I get busy and actually work! That's right, the blog gets neglected!

I can't say my recent absence made me any money, as I have only one paying assignment I am working on right now, but I am really getting a move on my business ideas, networking, and forging new potential partnerships as things progress.

Right now, I have four (yep!) business ideas in the works, and two of them are specific to freelance and writing services. Three of them I can't talk about yet, but only because I have to trademark them first!

As for the writing businesses, I have domain names purchased and a web designer I am trying to get a hold of, but we are in the very early stages yet.

We know that one will offer writing services such as resumes, cover letters, wedding vows, eulogies, addressing invites for special occassions (and thank you notes hand-written by us!), as well as a few other services we think will appeal to a variety of clients.

So how's that for secretive? ;)

I promise to be back soon. With the holidays, a deadline looming for my article, and trying to get these ideas rolling with Buttercup tugging at my pant leg, I'm up to my neck in deadlines and diapers---and as crazy as it all sounds, this is the kind of thing I live for.


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