Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Huge sigh of relief

I just finished one of my Oct. 12 deadlines for Metro Parent and after editing it for grammer, I crossed my fingers and hit send.

What a huge load off of my back.

It's a pretty comprehensive package on natural childbirth and the different options women have, along with a blog-like journal I kept during the pregnancy. So really, I have been working on this article and materials for about the same amount of time it took for me to make the baby.
Holy wow.

I am pretty excited; the article should be in print (along with a bunch of my other stuff) within the next week or so in the next edition of Metro Baby and the journal will be a web-extra on the website.

I gotta say, when you write what you know, it just feels good. (And taking a stroll down baby memory lane was pretty nice, too. I really forgot how much Buttercup has grown in a little over four months!)

One more deadline to meet by Friday and one for next Thursday and I am done with my current (paying) assignments.

Time to start scramblin' for work again!
And thanks to my sister, Maria, for baby-sitting my screaming, teething infant today while I worked. And thanks for Buttercup for sleeping from 6 p.m. until midnight so I could clean house, eat some leftovers, watch the end of a movie, and finish my article!
Gotta love a sleeping baby.

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