Sunday, October 7, 2007

It's 3 a.m...

...And I am in my day clothes with my eyes glazed over as I blog instead of crawling into bed like a smart little Mommy.
Buttercup had her 4-month shots on Thursday and slept for 20 hours on Thursday and for 18 on Friday.
No, I am not kidding.
Yes, it is perfectly acceptable to hate me.
Jokes on me, anyway, since she decided to only take one nap today and was up until 2:30 a.m.
And not just a little awake. I mean, gurgles and giggles and baby babble, galore.
It has been a long day, too, with phone interviews for stories for MI Dog Magazine, Metro Parent, and The Ruff Ruff Review. There were also plenty of hours spent emailing back and forth with companies about diaper bags for a Metro Parent piece I just got assigned. I might be looking at a Bumble Bag, pretty soon, and I just finished my initial review of a customized necklace from Alli's Originals. But you have to go to wait for Metro Baby Magazine to come out later this month and read the Feathering the Nest feature to see what I thought of it! I think it goes online, too.)
I gotta say, I might be poor right now but I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to review (and keep) so many wonderful products from creative business-owners and companies. And I am pretty excited, because I am going to be working out some way (with my editor at Metro Parent) to have contests giveaways for "gently reviewed" products on my blog.
I gotta share the love, right?

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