Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Imagination is a powerful thing

So my baby looks like a prize fighter right about now. Only she's sleeping (It's almost 3 am) so autographed photos are going to have to wait until the little Diva has awakened from her beauty sleep.
"What's the damage?" you ask.
"Well..." I say, ending on that high note that only comes when you really don't want to answer the question.
But here goes anyway.
My cousin and her husband are professional photographers and do incredible work. (And I'm not just saying that.) And since I'm family, we get in on a little bit of a family discount for Buttercup's first year momentos. And since I'm family, Buttercup and I also are free to be a bit more daring in potential poses, like say, sitting a 10-month old up on an upturned wide-bottomed flower pot about a foot off the ground with her cute little legs dangling off?
'Cuz I'm not gonna sue my own cousin, whom I love dearly, right?
So let's just pretend that Buttercup may have enamored us so with her princess-crowned, tutu-wearing smiles that we just might have not noticed that she was inching forward as she smiled, laughed, and cooed....until (and again, I'm just imagining here) she fell forward and landed on her nose.
In a(n) (imaginary) flurry, I hustled forward just in time to just miss catching the (imaginary) fall. Cursing myself and gravity, I had her calm in less than a minute (not bad for an imaginary crying spell, right?) No bumps, no bruises; all is well.
And since nothing actually happened and Buttercup was all giggles, we finished the photo shoot with two more costume changes before heading to the main part of the house for some burgers with the cousins.
This is when we notice that Buttercup is getting a little red splotch (not imaginary) on her nose. Possible (not imaginary) swelling.
Out comes the ice and the guilt.
Bad Mommy! Bad!
By the time we went to bed, her little nose was just the tiniest bit swollen, but thanks to icing and God, she was fine by morning except for a small red splotch on the left side of her nose.
Which goes beautifully with the nail gash ( how fast do those things grow, anyway?) she gave herself right underneath her left eye. Same shade, too.

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sara said...

Aww...the little one has had a rough week between that and the food stuff. Hoping she's feeling better soon! Are you just toughening her up so she can beat up my child someday? LOL! Oh and yeah, I would love love LOVE to go baby shopping sometime soon. I'm just afraid to do so too soon, after all I still feel like I'm waiting for the sky to fall!

You're the superwoman silly, not me!