Sunday, May 18, 2008


Okay, so maybe I need to start watching my language around the little parrot of a daughter that I have. After all, she has a vocabulary to rival many two-year-olds.
She can say:
mom and momma
Dad and dadda
wow wow (as in that is the sound dogs make)
agua (water)
no (or no no no no no)
go (or go go go go go)
deja lo (leave it alone)
morado (purple...but she can only repeat it. she doesn't know what it is yet.)
she has also said
rojo (red)
verde (green)
and who knows what else at this point...well, except for tonight's little comedic moment.
See, Sweeter went to bed and since Buttercup and I slept all day because we both have this really bad cold, we are both up at 1 in the morning. She got to babbling kinda loud, and I said, "Shhh!" and she looked at me and whispered "Shhhit!" right back at me.
At this point, I lost it and laughed myself stupid, and Buttercup looked at me all serious and whispered "Shhit! again. Then she proceeded to look at me like her Momma is a loon who doesn't understand how to be quiet.

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sara said...

Ohhhh, I wish I had been there. That is too funny! J. and I were talking on the way to dinner yesterday about how much we both swear, and our poor future kids. Oh well, I guess we can try to limit it more than we do now, but I'm sure they're bound to learn a little grown up lingo from us or someone else at some point in time! Maybe your little one can teach me Spanish someday, it sounds like she already knows more than me! Thanks again for all of your support, you are simply the best sweetie.