Saturday, May 17, 2008

Blah Blah Blah

So, tell me, really...Do ya like it?
*eyelashes fluttering*
Do ya really like it?
Well, I do!
And while the new look might actually be the new base for comparing all things cool (sliced bread is so yesterday), don't even look at me for compliments on the design. I can't even figure out my own RSS feed or whatever the hell it was I was trying to do last night, remember? Yeah...
Nope, all this, my friends, is the genius of See My Designs by Shauna, who happens also to have a pretty cool blog over at Blah Blah Blog. Stop by and take a look.
Oh-and if you get a second, click on over to the Ruff Ruff Review, too to see what Shauna did to add some bite (pun totally intended) to my dog blog!
I am so excited; it's like my blogs went and got a boob job or something equally perky just to make me feel better.
So who else wants their own blog makeover?
Shauna is giving away one free blog makeover to a lucky winner who I will choose as randomly as possible (how's letting Buttercup draw a name out of a hat and reading it before she eats the paper for random?)
To enter, leave me a comment to this post telling me why you and your blog deserve some "plastic surgery." Be creative, it might just boost your chances at this being less random. You also can earn an extra entry by blogging about this contest and leaving the link here in the comments.
Contest ends at midnight on May 23.


One Crazy Chick! said...

Pauline I LOVE IT!!!!

Candid Carrie said...

I am going to think this over and be right back. I would hate to coment quickly and totally blow my chances.

Karyna said...

It looks so girly.....loving it!!
don't change a thing.

Candid Carrie said...

Pauline, Carrie here. I still haven't carefully worded my entry but I did add you to The Mom Blog Friends on my blog. I left a post there recently. I will only bother you once more when I drop my winning entry.

Pauline said...

Carrie-bother me all you want! I love making new bloggy friends!

Candid Carrie said...

Dear Pauline, I told you I would be back.

I would like to win/earn/cheat my way to a nip/tuck/make-over for my blog. My writing style is fun/fresh/high-energy and my blogspot template (although I am grateful to have one of those for free) does not radiate the same ambiance as my writing.

Wait, there is more! Primping for me, means pimping for you ;) I will shamelessly and publicly provide you with adoration up the wazuu and back out through the ying yang.

Still not enough? Let us go for the pity vote. I, just like my new best friend Pauline, am html illeterate (I even spelled illiterate wrong for added emphasis). If you don't help me, I could end up blogless by accidently deleting all my html code while trying to load a seemingly harmless counter.

Here's what else I am willing to do! If you want, I will post this contest information on my blog thus decreasing my chance of winning (damn it) but driving up traffic for your competition.

How do you like me now, Pauline?

Love, Candid Carrie

Did I do alright? I am insecure that way ;)

Anonymous said...

Just stopped by to say i love the new layout!

Sarah Jewel said...

I want to win because my blog looks like a two year old threw up some skittles and tossed it on a monitor. :D

Linda S said...

Hi, Pauline,
I don't need a blog makeover ie...i'm not a suck up like Carrie, I'll be your friend anyway (love you Carrie)
But I love this blog design! so cute!

Business on Market St. said...

midnight my time I hope!